Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Horticultural hope - Day 2

I fully intended on posting this last night after I got home from my last RINLA board meeting, but fell asleep on the couch. So I will still call this day 2. :)

I'm trying a little experiment with some of my regular houseplants and the aerogardens to see if the light they give off will sustain plants in the basement office. I have 2 moth orchids and a streptocarpus down here with me. I am happy to report that they all seem to be doing very well with the artificial light. The streptocarpus had longish light green leaves when it came down here and has been replacing them with shorter, sturdier dark green leaves.

Below is my mini moth orchid I got from last year's flower show and A & P Orchids from Seekonk. Moth Orchids need night temperatures to be around 55 degrees at night in order for them to initiate flower buds. It's easily that cool down here at night...

I have been watching this little side growth with much interest. I've been fooled in the past by things that I thought where flower scapes then to have them turn into those big fleshy roots. I'm becoming more hopeful this could be a flower scape. Stay tuned....

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