Thursday, January 13, 2011

Aerogarden update - Day 4

This post will be heavy with pics instead of the single ones as of late. I finally snapped some recent photos of the aerogardens with the regular camera. It doesn't pick up the flickering of the lights on the small one. So, I now have some pics of those plants.

The red cherries:

The yellow cherry:

I think it's been about 6 weeks that these guys have been growing along. I said to Eric our outdoor tomatoes don't look this good. I've been using the liquid fertilizer packs that came with the kit and apparently, they agree with the plants. I know there are people with aerogardens who get crazy about the water specific gravity, using distilled water, and this, that, and the other thing with the water. I haven't gotten all of the wild meters and stuff like that...I doubt I'll get that nuts over this. They are supposed to be easy and since I have been having fairly decent success with what I'm doing...I'll keep on keeping on.

I was suprised to notice yesterday that I see something that looks an awful lot like flower buds forming on the tomatoes. I popped up the height of the lights to give them a little bit of room. I think what I'm going to do in regards to pruning is pinch them right above the flowers that are coming. Some of you may be wondering how will the plants get pollinated while indoors. Luckily, tomatoes are pollinated by wind or by shaking the plants. So, I have my little mini space heater down here with a fan option and I'll let that blow on the plants for an hour or so and see if that works. Now on to the discussion of the 3 pod garden -

The Zinnia 'White Profusion' which replaced the phlox that never came up. I know that aerogarden will replace dud pods...but I'm not going to make a stink over one little pod. I have a ton of various seeds and it was much, much easier to toss some of them in it.

Petunias - no variety listed, just called Mini Pink

Stock - no variety listed.

The stock has had a little bit of blotchy yellow coloring on the leaves. I'm not that familiar with stock and what it does so I'm not sure if it is nutrient deficiency or just how the leaves look when they are young. I am using the fertilizer tablets that came with the kit. With these, you just toss them in whole into the water reservoir. After using liquid fertilizer in my big aerogarden, I'm not a big fan of the tablets. I did consider not using them when I started this garden up and using the liquid fertilizers I have for gardens I make myself. I may switch over to them soon and see if there is a bigger difference.

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