Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baby, It's cold outside...Day 6

Yes, Friday was one of those days where I was out of the office all day with meetings and running around. So, I'll skip it for the biggie.

I had to run to CT for a preliminary design meeting this morning. It was in the low teens as I ran out to fire and warm up the jeep. As I was coming back inside to get the rest of my stuff together, I notice the 'Purple Passion' Rhododendron completely collapsed down.

You know it's frigid when you see this...almost like mother nature's thermometer. But this is actually a survival method the Rhodies will use when it's cold like this outside. Plants lose water through pores on the undersides of their leaves. The rolling that Rhodies do helps the plant reduce the water they lose through those pores. Kind of neat, huh??

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