Thursday, July 19, 2007

RAIN!!! Finally!

I started this post late last night and have to finish it this morning. I fell asleep with the on the couch with laptop on my lap! I woke up to Conan O'Brien blaring and the laptop in sleep mode. Good goin' Cris, let's try this again. (Thank goodness Blogspot autosaves posts)

This summer has been pretty dry...drier than we've had to deal with in the past couple of years. That was a wonderful rain yesterday and more tomorrow. It's amazing how different New England weather is, my Dad in NH says it has rained every day where he is since Father's Day. Anyway, we've got some rain and I can relax on hose duty for a while. I've got some rain barrels on order and I'm eagerly awaiting them.

Let's see...things going on in GC HQ this week...we have creatures that resemble and hop like frogs. There are many more in the wings too. Sam will probably find the pond much more interesting now. Check this guy out...a mere week ago he was more tapole than he was frog. I shall call him "Frogpole!" He doesn't look happy to have my camera zoomed in on him. Get over it, dude...if you live in my yard, expect to be stalked like Britney by a paparazzo. There is an update on this guy this morning...he has crossed over to a true frog...he lost his tail! I'm not sure where it went...but I'm not going to ask. :)

I was out taking photos of some of the goodies in bloom this week. I would definitely say my gardens are geared more for a summer show. That's something I have to work on, getting color other seasons of the's just worked out that way with things I've collected from shops or other people. At least with the back wooded area, I can get more spring and fall color with those plants.I was reading The American Gardener (a magazine from the American Horticultural Society) and I got the cool idea to make Lake Larson more of an evening garden sort of place. I'll probably do that more with containers and some of the perennials in the area. I'll do that next year because a) it's fairly late in the season and b) Eric's got to build the new deck. But anyway, here are some neat flower photos:

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Hortensis Compacta'

Lilium orientale 'Stargazer'

I've got a ton more photos...but I'll post them later on.

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