Wednesday, July 11, 2007

HUGE changes to the Lake Larson area

I know I haven't been forthcoming with updates of Lake Larson this year. But Eric's been busy out there with more "OH MY GOD projects". Those of you who are clients of mine know of these "OMG Projects". They are the projects where I happen upon in progress (usually as I am pulling into the driveway) and think "OH MY GOD, what's he doing!

Here's a photo diary of the latest OMG Project. Eric added a stone patio and walkway leading from the driveway to the lake area and the much anticipated new deck (aka my outdoor office.) Anyway, we have lots of trees near by that just about pushed me over the edge this spring with all of their junk falling into the pond. I was the undeniable Queen of Pond Skimming. Here's Lake Larson a couple of weeks ago:

Since I was fairly bent out of shape about the constant skimming of junk, we talked about taking down the tree closest to the Lake. After all, it has been dripping foaming ooze from it's limbs when it rains and there is a big hole in it which houses a family of squirrels. Eric had been watching to see when the squirrel babies would leave the tree so he and one of the arborists from work could take it down. Eric decided with the help of the neighbor to start limbing up the neighboring tree while he was waiting for the babies to leave the nest. By the end of the day, he decided to take that one down too when Daren was supposed to come over.

So, fast forward about a week. Eric came home somewhat early on a Friday and while still dressed in his work garb, he vanished outside. I think he's going to mow the worries, right? I'm in my office and I don't hear the mower running for a lot longer than it would take him to get it started. Then, I hear a chainsaw fire up. I wander out into the kitchen and see this:

Now, that sight warrants an "OH MY GOD, what's he doing!!! Please take note of the line tied off to another tree off screen. Some how (he claims practice at work) he drops the tree right in between the Lake and the large Oak to the right. Our other neighbor and I were rather impressed.

Thank god we did take the tree down, because it was a hollow as it could have been inside which had it's own OMG comments from both of us.


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