Thursday, July 12, 2007

Even bigger changes

The 4th brought us an arborist, a tree truck, and a whole lot of chainsawing and wood chipping. Eric and Daren were out there from 9-ish am to 3-ish pm. I didn't take any photos of the massacre and stayed inside the heck out of the way. I know, don't bother men when they are doing things like this ruins the testosterone mojo of chainsaws and wood chippers. But I do have photos of the aftermath:


It took another weekend for Eric to saw up the lumber and us to carry away all of the debris. This is what we're left with:

What was once a shade backyard is now part to full sun and my vision for what was going to happen there is completely shot. Back to square one for the back yard which is fine. It's been about a week now and I think the initial shock has worn off. I was (dare I say it) almost overwhelmed by the difference in the yard. See, I can walk into a yard that completely overwhelms someone else and tell them what they need to do, but my own yard...different story. Stay tuned to the new direction of the back yard!

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