Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh, what the #$@*....Blue Herons!

The way this season has been going...that's about the LAST thing I needed to see flying away from Lake Larson. I had noticed him flying around a couple of weeks ago and our neighbor behind us saw him in the trees last week. Well the brazen flying fish eater was back yesterday. I had come up from the office around noon to throw something in the recycling bins and I see him flying up and away from the pond. I don't know if he was in the pond or on the garage but, I promptly moved our fake heron to a different spot. I called Eric and asked him to get some netting or something we can use to deter the heron.

I was out last night playing with Lars in the backyard and our neighbor said that the Heron was in the pond poking his head around in the water at about 4 pm. That's all I needed to hear...Eric had some nets with him and we put them out all over the pond. I fed the wet pets and we saw some of them emerge and eat. They were clearly freaked out. The water is still pretty murky and I have no idea if he ate anyone or how many are left. I came out and fed them this morning and most of the food is still on the top of the pond. The nets are still like we left them and I did see the heron flying away from the pond area this morning when I popped outside. I'm going to be spying on him these next couple of days before I pop out the back door. I need to see exactly what this dude is doing in our pond.

I saw him flying over head when I turned onto our street this morning when coming back from errands. They are such cool looking birds but man, I think I hate him. I know Eric hates him now...he was pretty ripped last night when we were putting out the net. It's a good thing they are federally protected because I think there would be a certain someone up in the trees with his deer hunting tree stand waiting for Mr. Heron with a shot gun.

I'll tell you...if any of my clients want to put in a water garden...this will be added to my ever growing pond "caveat emptor" list.

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