Sunday, June 1, 2008

Late May Photos and updates

Life at the Garden Consultant HQ has been busy, busy, busy with work and other stuff. I'm still trying to get caught up in the garden...this normal New England spring has me behind still by a couple of weeks. I did get the window box planted and I'll post some photos of that as it matures. I went with some smaller, more cost effective plants this spring so it may be a while before I will post some pics.

I did start a bunch of annual and veggie seeds in my little greenhouse. I know it's a little late to start things in 6 packs and pots but they stand a better chance in there than being subjected to the critters and the elements being planted directly in the soil as I learned last year. I'm going to start another wave today of some more annuals to use in pots and around Lake Larson.

We're harvesting our lettuces and radishes Eric planted this spring and man are they good! We've decided to plant lettuces as long as the weather will support it. I've got to start thinking about getting another crop of radishes seeded too.

Lake Larson has been gearing up slowly with the slowly rising temperatures. The water chemistry has been shockingly good despite the never ending shower of oak debris into the pond. I did do a huge water change last weekend and filled the rain barrels with the water. The pond isn't anywhere as clear as it was last season and I'm okay with it. I need to find my water lettuce for a cover soon and that will help with the murkiness. I'm so of liking the murk because it's keeping the fish safe from heron eyes from over head and it looks really natural. I would rather have an ecosystem versus artificially maintained crystal clear water.

I haven't been planting much in my yard this year and that's okay. I'm sort of at a stale mate that the moment with parts of the back yard because Eric needs to put up the fence and build the new deck. So I'm going to play with annuals and maybe look on Ebay for some cool plants. I will get some more hardy plants for the pond from ebay and that will hold over my plant buying addiction for now. But the main reason I haven't been as into building more gardens in the yard are the dogs. Sam hasn't been doing well at all and despite the meds working for his Cushings, he's not getting better. He hasn't been eating much at all these past several weeks and now we're on to force feeding him. He's been at the vet once a week for the past month and she doesn't have any answers for why he's not eating. He has to go back tomorrow and I'm going to ask her to really examine his head, mouth, and nose to make sure it's nothing stupid like a sinus infection or a busted tooth for why he's not eating. It's really hard to watch him waste away like this but it is what it is.

Lars is going to be 6 months tomorrow! He is doing wonderfully and growing like mad. He's done with puppy classes and is moving on to Rally and pre agility classes now. I teach rally classes where we train so his rally classes happen in the back yard here. We took him to the beach last weekend so see if the boy likes water (which is a must in this retired Coast Guard house.) You be the judge -

Bravo zulu Lars! I think we found something to do with him in the heat of the summer...retrieving bumpers and going swimming. I may see if I do Dock Dogs with him when he gets older. The pup defies gravity I tell you!

I've got a ton of photos I have to post...but I'll do that tonight. I have to quit shirking on spreading mulch around Lake Larson.

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