Sunday, June 1, 2008

Today's edition of "Less is More"

Yeah, you can tell spring is here...I'm MIA. :) I have been taking photos around the yard for the blog but haven't had much time to get on here to post.

I have to make this PSA about mulching to educate my readers about the perils of "Mulch Volcanoes." Every year it seems like we have a lecture on this at the RINLA Winter Meeting because it seems like landscapers are the primary offenders. I don't know if it's them who are making them or if they are being instructed by their clients to do this.

But anyway, I was at the Bank of America in Middletown getting read to get out of my jeep to hit the ATM. I look up and saw this -

Oh my god....that has to be at least 8" high. Being a commercial property, that was the ghastly work of a "Pro." Gee, I can't imagine why the center of the tree died out ?(I'm sure my sarcasm dripping from that sentence is obvious) If one wonders what the outcome of utilizing mulch volcanoes in the landscape only have to look down to the next tree in this planting.

I'll tell you what...this is one of my biggest pet peeves in landscaping. What purpose does all of that mulch serve other than rot the bark off the tree? That is exactly what happens, the bark rots and with it so does the tissue that moves food and water between the leaves and the roots. So, don't let this happen in your landscape! If you see your landscape professional building "Mount St. Mulch" around the bases of trees, let them know not to do that ever.

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