Sunday, March 2, 2008

Rhode Island Flower Show 2008!

Well, I survived the flower show again! LOL It was a long, crazy, and fun week! I had designed the RINLA exhibit for the third year in a row and I do believe this year's was the best and I was very pleased with it. The theme this year was "Fairy Tales" and I wanted to design up something that people could take ideas from and use in their landscape. So, I chose to design a garden that would attract fairies and elves. Most of the plants I used in the garden had some sort of use to the fairies. The guys started to build the hardscape of the garden on Sunday and I came on Monday to start placing plant material.

Tuesday the flowers came and we worked feverishly to get everything placed and basically finished. Wednesday, we tweaked things and had little detail things to do like placing moss around rocks and making sure that pots were hidden.

I am pleased to say that the judges liked the exhibit too! We placed second place in the non profit catagory! Hooray!!

Here are a bunch of photos of the completed garden -

For the fourth year in a row, I've also had my booth in the markplace part of the flower show. It was a good show despite the snowy weather on Friday. Saturday and Sunday were jammin' and I got to see a lot of clients of mine who I had met at previous shows. I met a ton of nice, new people who I may look forward in helping them achieve their landscaping wishes.

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