Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Update on "Frankenmato"

He did in fact get eaten...Eric's Chili on Friday night. He was actually very good (I wasn't really sure how he was going to be) I had to give some friends some better scale on how massive it was...the grapefruit didn't really cut it.

So, here's the Monster and the Monster 'Mato.

I think Sam's just as freaked out as we were!

Here are some other good garden photos...I don't have much to report out there other than basic garden maintenance and watering. I jumped into the Lake this past weekend and seriously thinned out the Water Hyacinths. I can totally understand why those things are considered invasive in the southern states. Jeez...they made this crazy net of plants. I have lots of good green materials for the compost bin. I think I will be able to start using the compost from the bin soon...all of that shredded paper from my office, coffee grounds, and grapefruit rinds actually look like dirt now. We've been battling spider mite on the south side of our house. It was bad dahlias, roses, DAYLILIES, and iris got hit. So, I caved in and Eric brought home some mitacide which promptly took care of the problem. I have come to the conclusion that I will have to start adding large amounts of compost and organic material because the sand doesn't hold much at all. I'm really hoping that the rains that we have been getting will be a regular event.

Is that dragonfly not cool! I love his colors!!!


Layanee said...

Chis: Hi there, I found you over at Garden Porn and as a fellow RI'lander I checked out your blog. NICE! Can you email me some info on Greenwimmen? I am a green woman!!!

Layanee said...

I meant Cris! Of course! Sorry about that spelling error. Typing too fast.