Saturday, August 4, 2007

Rain Barrels!

Hooray! I got them a couple of weeks ago and have filled one already from a water change from the pond. I have been slowly adding to the other one from the dehumidifier in the basement. I really wish we would get some rain...then I could see how much a good storm would fill the one near the house.

These things are really pretty good size and they hold 60 gallons of water each. Granted I filled the one on the left in 15 minutes when water changing the pond...but that's a lot of water I can use around the yard. I have already but a dent in that barrel from watering things with a watering can. I'll probably top it off this weekend with more pond water. I would like to get two more and hook them together in both locations.

Some cities like North Kingstown and Jamestown are really starting to push rain barrels as water bans become more of a summer tradition. My neighbor saw the barrels and wanted one for himself and his cousin wants one too. I think the more people know about rain barrels, it will definitely help with storm water management and lessen the stress on municipal water supplies. If you want a rain barrel of your own, give Beverly O'Keefe, The RI Water Lady a call at 401-539-0667 or email her at


Anonymous said...

This is the first I've seen of your blog. What a great idea. What did you do with the gigantic tomato? How is the flavor? I think I've got to get one of those rain barrels!

The Garden Consultant said...

Frankenmato was actually very good! Eric made a mean chili out of him. I felt awful eating him...I'm such a sap.