Thursday, November 4, 2010

Passion fruit FAIL!

I thought I was going to have this post about the awesomeness that was to be our home grown passion fruit. Boy was I wrong! Eric and I have been watching and studying the passion fruit seeing if we could figure out when it was ripe. When it started to turn cold, we brought inside to the big front picture window and that is a lot of sun. The banana for cripes sake is growing like crazy in that window! I learned online that ripe passion fruit will drop off of the vine and I kept waiting for that to happen. Then last week, the fruit started to look lumpy and that's not what I've seen them look like in photos.

This is what Logee's shows their fruit to look like -

Hmmmmm.... so I go to feel it and it drops off into my hand. I'm thinking it's ripe and I wait to Eric to get home to try it. He cuts into it and it's HOLLOW inside!!! WHAT? It looked like white styrofoam lining the inside of the rind...and it tasted like white styrofoam. I'm not really sure what happened there...maybe we need to pollinate the flowers with other flowers on the same vine. I'll have to email Logees and see if they have any recommendations for good fruit set. least it's still throwing out cool looking flowers. I think we're going to wait pollinating them until I figure out what the heck happened.

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Lisa K. said...

We always called those plants Maypops growing up. I had no idea it was part of the passion fruit family. They grow wild on the roadsides here and when I was young we would gather the pods and 'pop' them. I love the fragrance of the flower and when I see them growing wild somewhere, I want to pull over to smell them.