Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lake Larson's Fall Show

Despite it being dry, the fall color around the yard has been pretty decent. Granted some of the beds got regular water throughout the summer, but the back of the water garden didn't get much until later. But the viburnum and my little cut leaf Japanese Maple didn't disappoint this year. I was pleasantly surprised with my Hosta 'Big Daddy' who decided to turn bright gold this fall. I don't remember it ever being this bright before and it was really striking in the garden.

Mr. fake Heron looks like he's had a few too many in that photo above. I don't know why I still but him out because the real heron pays him no mind.

The mix of the Spirea "Anthony Waterer', Double File Viburnum, and the Cut Leaf Maple 'Viridis' definitely represents in the autumnal color department.

Here's a close up of the fall color on my little maple on the waterfall. I cannot wait for it to get really wide.


Bliss said...

I think my favorite pictures of "Lake Larson" are in the fall. Amazing.

Susan said...

This garden is incredibly picture-perfect. I just love how everything complements... everything. Really, really nice job. Time for a before and after shot.