Monday, February 23, 2009

The final product

Honorable Mention in the Non-Profit category!!

Well, I survived the 2009 flower show this year! LOL...I did take today off and spent it straightening up the house and with the boys. It amazes me how much that week kicks my butt! However, I do think it gets easier with each year. This show went by fast...I'm not sure if it was because I know what to expect now or the hordes of visitors. I noticed a huge difference in the number of people who attended the show this year...lots more and more from further away. Thankfully this year, we had no snow which caused a day last year to be a complete wash out. I am so excited to have met so many people who are excited about the upcoming spring as I am!!!

I am taking a hiatus from designing the exhibit for the 2010 flower show because of my being busy with the Presidency of RINLA. It's okay's time for someone else to get their moment in the spotlight!

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