Monday, July 14, 2008

OOOOOOO....Gardening Gifts!

Oh my, that hubby of mine is pretty awesome! He got me some "gardening gifts" last week. I was off at pre-agility with Lars Friday night and left Eric to his own devices for the evening. I came back and he asked me to go out and mess with the pumps in the pond. I knew something was up because I know he would have just gone out there and cleaned them out himself. So I called him out on it!

He was a busy guy while I was gone...he re-did the pond lights and made a great hiding place for the fish with some big stones. (I didn't ask how Capt. Back Surgery got those rocks in the pond....don't think I want to know.) But he picked me up another water lily (which is a nice pale yellow), some more floating plants, and A BIG PINK LOTUS!!!! I've been eyeing lotus for a while and I haven't gotten one yet. It's got a bunch of buds on it and one is swelling like it's going to pop soon!. That will definitely be captured on the camera for you all here.

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