Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Up, up and away - tomatoes for the winter!

The cherry tomato seed kit for the aerogarden came since I last wrote and I have it all set up. In the kit comes two red seed pods and one yellow cherry pod. They give you some blanks so the plants have some room to grow. I stuck the yellow one in front and the two reds in back. I started the pods on Thursday and really wasn't expecting to see much in the way of life for about a week.

By Saturday, I had lift off in the yellow pod! That was a very pleasant surprise. I did see some germination in the two reds but their varieties are definitely not as fast moving as the yellow.

I wasn't really in the office much yesterday or Sunday and was again pleasantly surprised that the yellow cherry had "left the mothership" and is about 1/4" tall. I'm still keeping the domes on them until they get bigger, but I take them off so I can snap pics.

Here is the progress on the red cherries...they are coming, but slow going.

But my newest aero-acquisition showed up this morning!!! I bought a 3 pod garden off of ebay and I was the highest bidder. (I wanted it pretty badly...LOL) It came with a nice set of stock, petunias, and I think verbena...I can't remember for sure. But I am so excited that I now have one for flowers and one for edibles. I'll have plenty to write about this winter!!!


Susan said...

Oh no! Slippery slope! Slippery slope! You're going to have these all over the house if you don't get help soon! (Says the one who's in the same boat.)

Bliss said...

I can't wait to see the progress in both the plants and the multiplying of the pods hee hee.