Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Waterlily Wednesday!

Watching me trying to get these shots must have been entertaining....I was teetering on the pond edge with my camera set of super zoom to get these. But I **heart** waterlilies. I think this little one is darling. I used to know who was what...but over the years, variety names have become lost in the recesses of my mind.

This is my kind of yellow....soft and muted.

I've had water hyacinths off and on in Lake Larson but they have never flowered for me until this year...I've had two now! I know...they aren't waterlilies. But they are pretty just the same.


Bliss said...

Never realized what variety you can get with water flowers. Lake Larson is looking good!

flower delivery philippines said...

Cute lilies! so attractive. I think it is better if I can also have it along the pond. Anyway, thanks for sharing.