Friday, February 12, 2010

Aerogarden lettuce - WIN!!!

I've been slacking on writing this week's blog post but not without a good reason. The common cold from hell came and whomped me good. I'm still getting over it and am glad this came this week instead of next week which is flower show week! If you find yourself in the Providence area next week, come on over and visit the show. I'm in booth 313 in the marketplace for the 5th year in a row. I didn't design the RINLA exhibit this season because my other roles in the organization was going to take up way more time and energy. But, after doing it for 4 years, it was time for someone else to take the job. ;)

I've been taking weekly pics of the aerogarden lettuce crop and I will admit I am shocked at how well it grows lettuce. I had to finally add some fertilizer tabs early this past week and the rate of growth is insane after I dropped them in. I know I have only grown lettuce for just under three weeks, but I would definitely recommend this little gadget for anyone who wants to grow veggies in the winter or if they have limited or no space outside. I'm almost dying to get another one and try something else in it. Maybe after the flower show I'll indulge myself with a three pod aerogarden.

Below are the photos I took last week and you can see the growth is really good from the photos I posted on here last time. I am using just tap water for this crop to see what happens and the quality of the foliage. I found this wonderful place - Areogarden Growers Community and a lot of them recommend distilled water for other crops like tomatoes and peppers. According to them, some municipalities have decent water and one could get away with using your tap water. I think I may use distilled water for some other crops because I don't want to take a chance with crappy results.

These are the pics I took a couple of days ago after adding the fertilizer tabs. Look at that difference!! I even lifted the lights up one notch because of the height of the plants. They said in the literature you can harvest lettuce three weeks into the growing process. I will admit, I was skeptical about that premonition. But now, I can see it is completely feasible. I think you almost have to harvest at three weeks just so the plants can be maintained.

My name is Cris, and I am now officially an Aerogarden junkie.

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