Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Birds of a feather feed together!

Happy New Year everyone!! I decided to take a little breather from posting over the holidays...not to mention, there wasn't a whole lot going on gardening wise either. It's been frigid here and I haven't been spending much time outside at all. I think throwing a ball around for Lars has been just about it for outside activities. I do have a new gardening toy I grabbed off of Craigslist I'll debut next week when I have it all set up.

Bird central has been very busy these past several weeks. I really have been enjoying the feathered visitors who come and have dinner with us. I added some suet cages for the Carolina Wren and the Woodpeckers. I snapped a couple of photos of the woodpecker a week or two ago (the last time we've had snow)....

I had a goldfinch who was coming regularly to the thistle feeder for a couple of days but I haven't seen him much this past week. The guests to Bird Central have been primarily the juncos, my pair of cardinals, house finches, and the chickadees. I have sparrows thrown in the mix there but they are not as plentiful. I haven't seen much in the way of nuthatches and titmice which I kind of find suprising.

The other night, we had a visitor of the furry persuasion. I was up late playing Wii **blushes** and heard this banging around outside on the deck. After I figured out it probably wasn't the wind, I peeked outside and saw this -

I'm fairly certain Lars could smell him...because he was all fired up that there was something outside. Lars (and Sam) have discovered opossums before and I can only imagine what they think of them...probably something along the lines of "ugly kitties". I grabbed my camera and popped it out the door so Lars couldn't go busting out there to investigate. Ugly kitty, indeed.

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Anonymous said...

Love your photos! Especially the woodpecker and possum.
Here in the city we don;t see much of that, but this fall at 7 am a deer darted out in front of my car near Harvard Sq in Cambridge! They caught it the next day and returned it to a more suitable environment..
I also was entertained one evening when my headlights spotted a fat possum waddling down the middle of Massachusetts Ave..
I do think we are pushing the animals out of their natural habitat...sad.
Thanks for this fine blog!
teresa_a(aerogarden group)