Friday, June 19, 2009

Long time no posting....

Once again, as spring comes and I vanish almost like clockwork. I am happy to report that this spring and early summer has been a good one despite the economic climate. I have been busier than I had been in a season and that is truly a wonderful thing. I think the one thing on the green industry of RI's mind is this weather! Luckily, I haven't been too impacted by the never ending rains unlike a lot of my friends who install and maintain landscapes. One of my colleagues who in the turf industry told me this morning since April 1st, we've had only 13 days where the sun has made an appearance for more than 5 hours. As we look at another 5 - 6 upcoming days of rain, the bright side is if you have planted things this year, your hose has been on vacation.

Even though I haven't been writing much, I have been taking photos of the gardens every chance I can and I have quite a collection. The rains have definitely made the gardens happy (with the exception of my herbs yellowing in their containers) and lush. Tonight, I'll share some photos of drier and sunnier days from April.


This is one of my favorite varieties - Plum Pudding. It didn't take them long to break out of their winter blahs to springtime glory.

True Blue - grape hyacinths brighten up an April showery day.

An unknown daffodil I inherited from a client. I love that peach corona.

I misspoke in my last blog posting...that plant peeking out of the ground wasn't scilla. It's Chionodoxa or aka Glory in the Snow. How cute are they??

Last but not least....the survivors of the winter window box! Most of the pansies I had planted last fall in the front window actually made it through the winter which completely floored me. It had been cold and snowy most of the winter. The only thing I can think of is the house and the sun kept the soil warm enough for them to survive.

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