Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Well, it's about freakin' time

My Scilla peeking it's head above ground to see if it's safe to make an appearance.

The survivors of the 2008 Crocus/squirrel massacre.

Finally! After this cold, snowy winter, dare I whisper it - spring may be here. Granted, today is cold, gray with showers threatening later in the day but you know what they say about April Showers. I haven't had much to say on here this winter. That's mostly because there hasn't been a whole lot going on outside and worth writing about. I do have some lovely orchid blossoms right now and I should take some photos of them for you all. But, I took a long winter's nap from the landscape.

I started puttering around outside two weekends ago and started my spring clean up. I think everything came back this year but the jury is still out on some of my marginal Carex who made it
through last year. Last year was a treat, I had annual salvia that made it (I'm not hopeful about that this year.) I have a plan to move all of the herbs out of the raised beds and into containers on Deckzilla. The method behind that madness is to a) make them more accessible (I hate fumbling around out there in the dark) and b) to make some more space in the beds for veggies. I have been waiting for some more consistant weather to come before I seed lettuce and peas out there. I think this weekend, I will go for it. I can no longer deny it, I have been seriously considering buying one of those upside down growing systems for the tomatoes. Gardener Supply Catalog has them and I think I'm going to get one and see how they do. No guts, not glory, right??

All of the inhabitants of Lake Larson seem to have made it through another winter! There have been reports of a heron flying around earlier this winter. I told Eric he should place the nets out soon and I plan to buy some water lettuce as soon as the threat of frost lessens. I haven't done much serious work with the pond because the water is frigid. This is the year I buy waders to work out in it...

Spot and Chunk (Yes, we named the gold one after the Goonie :)~ )

Ugh, I have some work to do....


Anonymous said...

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Layanee said...

You are right, it is about time! My fish seem to have died over the winter. The pond was aerated and everything! Go figure. Yours look good and seem quite happy.

The Garden Consultant said...

Oh no! I am sorry to hear about your fish. :( How they survive it beyond me out there. There are so many leaves and other debris in the water, I would think the N would be through the roof.

Oh and Graggg...I'm not growing that salvia. Salvia 'Victoria's Blue' would be the Salvia I'm talking about. ;)