Friday, April 25, 2008

From gray to summer...

But, the weather these past two weeks are much more June like than late April. So, all of my perennials have gone from barely popping out of the ground to overdrive. My Pulmonaria 'Gaelic Magic' definitely appreciated the super spring weather! Isn't that cute? I love it....I need MORE!!!

The Front it looking a little sparse and I have to start thinking about filling the window box. I had bought a little cold frame to start annuals for the window box but it was used in the veggie garden to start lettuce, radishes, carrots, tatsoi, and peas.
Lake Larson is gearing up and we finally got most of the leaves from the fall out of there. The waterfalls are up and running again and the water lilies are pushing new leaves. We didn't have any casulties other than a dead frog I found in the leaves. That was nasty. That's the part of water gardening books or HGTV doesn't tell you about...gross, dead frogs in the rotting, stinky leaves you have to scoop out of the pond. Glamorous, indeed.

I'm going to attempt to post some video of the wet pets...I took this with my new phone and the quality it's a little bad. But, at least you can see them swimming around!

Last but not least...Lars photos. I can't believe how big he's gotten! We went for a 2 mile trek up to the bank and back tonight. He trotted 80% of the walk, came home and zoomed around the living room for another 30 minutes. I am going to get back into nursery manager shape with this pup!

Lars acutally has been coming with me a lot on my meeting days and a bunch of clients have had the pleasure of meeting him (and helping me socialize him.) He's a trooper on those long meeting days as he is so good in the jeep. So who knows, maybe Lars will come and visit you too!

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