Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oh yeah...horticulture distance learning from Cornell

I was so overcome with horticultural angst with the happenings in the garden I forgot to post a couple things. Duh.

First, Cornell University offers hands on, online classes for gardeners and green industry professionals. One of these years I should go back to "Big Red" even though it's virtual and take a couple of these. They are pretty reasonable too. This fall, they are offering Organic Gardening and plant propagation.

Second, photos!!!

One of my Italian sunflowers before the damn squirrels destroyed them for the seeds. That was a big note to sunflowers near the fence where the squirrels have easy access to the blooms. Grrrr...if it isn't spider mite, it's the squirrels!

The "Wet Pets"

Nasturtiums sans Spider mite...they recovered nicely.

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